Vegan at SnowLA Shavery- Los Angeles, CA

Um props to me for finding this little hidden gem in Korea Town #PattingMySelfOnTheBack #ImTHATkid. Amongst sketchy korean bbq places, lies a very hip and trendy place called SnowLA that sells shaved ice cream and popsicles!

DSC00728DSC00729DSC00731 DSC00732 DSC00733 DSC00735

I swear, it’s one of my new fave places now. You legit order a flavor (vegan butterscotch caramel and peanut butter cup) and watch them take a giant block of flavored ice and shave it down into yummy deliciousness. And then of, course, don’t forget the toppings. It’s legit so tasty and fun to eat! It tastes like fluffy, icey ice cream. So yummyyyy. Almost as mouth watering as my nudes…uh i mean….well…. #LOLJK DSC00738

I have this weird fantasy of meeting someone really cool and then when they ask to meet up again, suggesting meeting up at SnowLA. You know what i mean? Like being all hipster and unique and suggesting something that only people in the know would know? Like instead of meeting up for coffee, you meet up for shaved ice cream. I mean, i’d be pretty cool #justsayin

Anyways, come check out this place for a cool chill hangout place for yummy dessert, cool vibes, and of course, their 2010 throwback playlist . Doesn’t get better than that (I mean, unless Chris Hemsworth was feeding you the ice cream. That would definetly be better.) DSC00736

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