So here i am again with my rando snack posts! But, when we re-do our blog (key word: “WHEN” not “IF”…IT WILL HAPPEN I PROMISE), I’m gonna make a section called “The Snack Pantry” where we just post about really good snacks we’ve eaten (because you guys obvi care so much about our blog)! Anyway, BUY THESE because they are all raw, vegan, gluten free, organic, paleo deliciousness. Healthy AF but also satisfies the intense chocolate craving. It literally tastes like melted chocolate in the inside. And i’m not exaggerating. I’m not being one of those health freaks that’s like, “Cacao spread tastes just like nutella!” CAUSE IT DON’T. 

ANYWAY BUY THESE IF YOU’RE ADDICTED TO CHOCOLATE like me (because i can’t be addicted to love #sadface #foreveralone). Buy these betches!



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