Vegan at USC Cammilleri Cafe- Los Angeles, CA

Hey guys, long time no blog. I have been so busy with ma life, although to keep going, I have to keep remembering this quote olie found, “WORK HARDER. NO ONE CARES.” #SoTrue

Anyway, if you’re as busy as I am and go to USC, go check out Dauterive Hall for a really nice place to study (if you go to the third floor, there is a really nice terrace to do homework at)!!

Also, there is a cafe with a bunch of vegan snacks, a couple dairy free smoothies, and even a vegan dessert! Although don’t be fooled, you idiots (sorry I’m being aggressive), the veggie wrap is not vegan because it has cheese in it #screwthem. But you know what, at least they try! Also, they don’t take dining dollars there, so if you were like me, trying to get by with your padres paying for all your comfort snacks, think again losers (just kidding, you are all shining stars. Every single one of you…. ONE of you. Only one person reads this blog. And it’s my friends mom #ThanksForDalove).

Check it out! Have a nice day 🙂 Im gonna go have a panic attack now because of all the shit i have to get done. Bye!!


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