Vegan at Surf Food Stand- El Porto Beach, Santa Monica Bay (CA)

K guys, I have a confession to make. I’ve been living in California for the past year and this is the first time I’ve taken a trip to the beach.Β πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ I know, it’s embarrassing and I am for sure guilty as charged.Β 

But today I was like, “Ya know what? This is bullshit. I live half an hour from the beach, I’m gonna stop being a lazy screenwriter and actually do something for once”. That thing, you guessed it, was not writing my script LOLΒ (What can I say? I’m a screenwriter. All I do is eat and look for excuses not to write #kidding #kindof)Β 

Anyway, yes my great friend Kristin invited us to join the on-campus Christian group The Navigators to join them for a trip to the beach for some volleyball, nomming, and sun!

Of course, I didn’t participate in the sports because I’m a screenwriter and as I said earlier, I just look for reasons to eat so….with my amazing vadar (vegan radar) we found this adorable little beach stand with tons of vegan options!

ABUqsgQ4P_VjPOw6-eEGnWhnqsGKQtHfEyOX5eg1xzWbDUBfMnyJdFw3AkkVS0AsUzo50qQKcLTCUBQD-8bkjMNCrtlgwDrZCVacxh6LIcs0pREk2OzfFcc8hKvgdRd3nFZpPIVDsqJwn6m_153_lzPxNTP6glEbTTvHzfMxsDzFVm6DbPTUWQaW3oZOyPDmJKA8_X-hvCWzvDrCbeCcfuDQ2NQ-X _Rk1nM67g0OINLZAq7wUE747riGdUnq3Y9sEf3rohwGW6R0nPnr1B_a_14N426BufZtY_akfj8Jt8LF81ZtvXlIiF3x1jcrZg6kcfA0AwFg8JvI7zCrc8GZz87NdfntOFE15t2wC3XS7W4O8okX13LT2Bi06AIoA0o8Uovs_q8q4rt23SALDD00FwrxJc5oW0qIWWcV5u54JOe5o2T06ui-FWOXnx

We got: very refreshing mango-raspberry and strawberry-piΓ±a coloda smoothies. Yum! (From which I also endured multiple brain and chest freezes and thought I was gonna die)

We also got yummy crispy sweet potato fries and hummus with pita. Pita was yum, hummus was a little wonky but okay, not going to lie. I care about you all too much. (Talking to no one, aren’t I?)Β 

Y9io_6qJw2RgjMH0a3ShfogtWP3-bX_CdfNGYrdX7_Pijqv8BjtO2LocIrc-eN-sQ1n5PGY3r_DZkQcgh3utKf349sTTEdB9_bVsnw_StURkuSCK0-jhIRKx-BMn6I7WIrUzqQ2Zjy1glxCqQBCyfgBBjjXklknjbLfNmJCaD-aRWdpQPiibfG0e56vnvJp8rL-dOnnVa2dAjnSLL3YovmGi20WDb FbBYySsVzH8oZUrNJipyhvii6gHdPrOjTR-2b9A9mAIGCMQZkxbukdB1dcttAWVeNQiN64ZIFN7Pr-XckHYPxiUnj6RVZXyNMNWWZJi26c8mYaypSj41ZiyHHSswiCKevTHBvP0og1PaWbFPa1EoeTUdQ5fOtCMVolwL6R4sS8549d_r037BCU4T8W-q0Hl5o1KqhMwa2VNeMXvBDyxU7gJfHIsMR

Anyway, if you find yourselves perusing El Porto beach, come on over. Come on over BABAY.

Oh yeah, and thanks to the Navs for letting us join! If anyone is looking for a fun Christian group on campus to join, check ’em out!


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