Vegan at JFK (Cibo)- Jamaica, NY

So guys, going back to LALA land and on the 6 hour (Correction: 1 million hour) flight, I thought I’d stock up on snacks so I could voraciously eat them in seconds and hibernate the whole way through as I travel across the country in a small metal tube thousands of feet above the ground. Dreamy isnt it?  

So Cibo is a great store that has legit LOADS of healthy vegan options. Fruits, veggies, hummus, all sorts of drinks, bagels, vegan chocolate bars, dried fruits, nuts, vegan popcorn and chips and all that yummy delicious whole foods stuff we spend all our life savings on. 

Check out our selections! (And yes we ate them all on the plane. No shame. That ride was so damn long man. Judge me if you will. Haterz gonna hate.) 

KpSPH6uadtNVh6ZAPz3HgXpP74zsW4oessbFQcgAjwofDfyJE5mQEK6DnNmXkZTOIX0y2bBz3oYsPNBCeNbLHOF_9GOY-5MUjWq6Q-Ov8vMPFWw01ynUp4c1O31tBEOzVwgOaArYDFT3sHK-NCNseMiLSj8OIM-aGR5niO9_gI9TicyQMnXiyxkTKa1ArxQx7i54GTIv3UxK5Jk6DOkf1JTk5LdqO tyYEPPaOc2evXNOESG-OxT2FQTYH-a3cJBpN5SY6pASRPggt-YIwyO64huVAt078waToOTaTM80m3BaMoh_zdw2oSCyRcqg2MOH0CadUTu3qpqWATlemznmxQGSsJ-sBT-HP5gQd3wWGtVr8AQ2IcfCK1OjSoh6zt05IXp_FcAEVL3iEfhQn5x0u3h0QN6ZuPCl5hksYUMNSHszmbfX2rMrDsk9fU

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