Vegan room service options at The Beverly Hills Hotel- Beverly Hills, CA

GUESS WHAT GUYS????? (No, I’m no pregant. Aint pullin a Jane the Virgin here guyz, all right???) One of my childhood besties was in town (Shoutout to Monica Foxy-pants Chartouni) all the way from Paris! And she was staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel (Who I on occasion call the Bev Hills Hotel to sound hip but those who are really in “the know”- aka Bella’s uber driver- are much more hip and call it the BHH, so there’s a little Hollywood secret my friends! Or enemies. Either way, gotta keep you close) 


Anyway, so she gratiously invited us to escape (Yes, I use that chose that word on purpose) campus life and chill on the other side of town! So while we casually chatted by the fire in her cozy hotel room, we also ordered a shit ton of room service!!! #YESMAM 

When I called the room service people, they were extremely helpful and when I asked them for vegan options, they had a whole list prepared. I was practically crying of joy. I ordered the amazing torilla soup (Which is  the Polo Lounge (restaurant in the hotel) speciality and is minus the cheese and chicken. I also ordered the grilled veggie sandwich (sans cheese) with fries on the side. TBH was not a fan of the sandwich. Tasted a little charred if you feel me. Fries were medicore but I ate them because, like, how do you not eat fries sitting in front of you? 

-1 -2

Bella wasn’t there when we ordered since she was at an acting class, but she was supposed to get there around the time when the food arrived, so at 10:30 when the bell rang, Monica asked “Bella?” while I simulaneously asked “Room Service?” Just shows where my priorities lie. LOL 


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