Vegan at The Beverly Hills Hotel Fountain Coffee Room- Beverly Hills, CA

So, the sequal to my last post (Stay tuned for the trilogy, JK there is none #POWNED), my friend Monica who came all the way from Paris to visit the City of Angels(*****visit moi, I mean, why else come to La?) let us stay over her hotel for the night to have a giant slumber party!!!! (Who else pictured the three of us having a pillow fight??? Yup, that deinfitely did not happen) 

Anyway, the next morning we went down to the hotel’s breakfast bar which is this cute little parlor called The Fountain Coffee Room where you sit at the bar and, you guesed right, eat breakfast! (Since you guessed right, you get….NOTHING! YOU LOSE <- Willy Wonka throwback, anyone feel meh?) Anyway, the staff is all very friendly there and the vibe is super old Hollywood and chill. 



For breakfast we ordered three fresh squeezed orange juices which they make right in front of you and it was delish and massively entertaining, lets be real. And for breakfast we ordered fruit salads. (Which seems lame unless you understand how fruit deprived college students are. Like besides bananas and bland tasting apples there is NO fruit on campus. It’s like a fruit epidemic. Call the ghost busters or the mystery team or whoever deals with that shit!!! I want mah fruit)

-3 -4


We also ordered plain bagels with avocado and it was AMAZING! Simple but just what I needed. (Correction: What my soul needed, not what my thighs needed. They need a run) 


Anyway, thanks for the treat Monica! Gonna miss you Foxy!!!! Lol, anyone catch her flipping the bird in the photo? 

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