Vegan Street Fair

“I’m gonna go write a heinous blog post”. Those words just came out of my mouth. “Make sure to quote me saying that it was the shittiest experience ever”. Those words just came out of Olie’s mouth.

VEGAN STREET FAIR. MORE LIKE WORST FUCKING TIME EVER. Like, i don’t think words can express how terrible this event was. Like think of something shitty, and then imagine someone taking a shit on top of that. THAT was the vegan street fair. It was worse than any frat party i’ve ever been to. And if you know me, that’s saying a lot.

It was INSANELY crowded with wannabe hipsters, moms with their children who were like way too butthurt to function, especially when we tried to cut the lines #guiltyascharged, and street vendors who like were WAY too slow to keep the offensively long lines moving. Every food stand had an hour long line, but everything was so crammed together that it was so claustrophobic, sweaty, and suffocating. Everybody looked like sheep waiting to be fed. It was SO stupid. So poorly organized, i can’t even.

 PLUS, you had to pay for tickets and then use the tickets for the food, so not only was the ticket line crazy long, but also, we regretted our decision coming to the street fair AFTER we bought the tickets. We ended up PEACING THE FUCK OUT like 20 minutes after we got there and gave our tickets to some families with kids. Like i almost wanted to not give the tickets to them so that they didnt have to endure the horribleness known as the Vegan Street Fair. SO STUPID I CANNOT EVEN. Anyways, my friend Ali and I bought one thing: a cookie stuffed with nutella. The cookie was great, but the middle was more just chocolate than nutella. And because we didn’t buy anything else, we basically spent 16 dollars on a miniature cookie. 

We left SO fast and went to Veggie Grill instead. And thank god we left because right after we left, it started hailing and raining on the vegan street fair. I think it was a sign. Even the sky was like “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! YOU’RE RUINING MY LIFE!” DSC00529 DSC00530DSC00534  DSC00535

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