Thanks Ben?

So, we are fully aware that nobody reads this blog and that we most definitely do not have fans (but if you’re out there, holla our way!) , buttttt, ThatVeganLifeDoe may actually have a stalker. Sorry, i meant fan? Ehhh.

Some mysterious somebody named Ben Karbin, who owns a vegan t-shirt line, sent us a tshirt that says “Vegan Mofo”. One, we don’t know a Ben Karbin and two, how did he get out exact dorm address and three, how does he know we use the term “Mofo”? WE HAVE NO CLUE. IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING PLEASE LET US KNOW. We are slightly terrified, slightly flattered. But more terrified.

So Ben, if you are out there, please explain yourself. We aren’t mad, we just wanted answers (<— that line is like in every movie). And if this was a gift that somebody sent, please step forward so that we can stop accusing a rando named Ben. We Instagram messaged him so we’ll let y’all know what he says. The note that came with the shirt said, “Thanks Olie and Bella”. For what??? We didnt do anything for you because we don’t know you and HOW DID YOU GET OUR DORM ADRESS HELP!

Sorry for the nonunion photo. I was too busy worrying about my stalker to take a better photo. Sorry, i meant fan.



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