The Springs- Los Angeles, CA

HEAVEN ON EARTH EXISTS. I’m not kidding. I’ve never been happier in my life. This place is where you go when you die after being a really really good person. How do I explain this paradise? How do i do it justice? Per their website, The Springs is a multifaceted urban oasis health, wellness, sustainability, and community. I know that sounds to perfect to be true, but it IS too perfect to be true. It’s like a giant open warehouse with little vendors, a RAWESOME  raw vegan place, yoga studios (5 dollar community yoga anyone <— sounds sketchy but actually SO LEGIT), and cool guys? SOUNDS GOOD TO ME. 


This place is so urban (like Brooklyn-y without being too try hard) and everybody is so chill and awesome. It’s almost like that episode in Lost, in Locke’s flashbacks, where he lives on that farm that’s too perfect to be true and then you find out they’re actually drug dealers. Like i wouldn’t be surprised if these people were weed dealers, but the vibe was so chill, that i’d be totally cool with it. We went with our sister’s friend Collette and were there for like 4 hours just chillin mcnillin. 

DSC00414 DSC00415

 First we went for $5 community yoga (FIVE DOLLARS I KNOW) and i usually hate yoga because i get really antsy and bored, but this class was OMG. So peaceful, vibey, relaxing, and just overall so centering. Like i felt renewed and refreshed after (wow i don’t sound like a Cali gurl at all). But seriously, after the class, my priorities were realigned. Also, the instructor was adorable and said we were pros for being beginners #yus #feelinggood Then we took some cool photos in front of this awesome wall right outside the studio (Like the bag?!)

DSC00430 DSC00435 DSC00437 DSC00438

Also, look at this guy with his adorable 13 year old dog ❤


After that we went to lunch at the cafe that was AMAZING. I cannot stress this enough. Like usually raw vegan food tastes like straight shit (you know it’s true), but this place blew me away. It’s expensive (warning you: grave dangers lie ahead), but DEFF worth every single damn penny.

They have an extensive juice and smoothie menu with awesome flavors like Smores and stuff, they have salads and snacks and it’s just so YUMMY. We got the bug bite juice (strawberry, apple, orange, lemon), the chips and guac, the falafel and hummus, and the sweet miso salads. I swear, foodgasm to the highest caliber. So satisfying. So delicious. So wholesome. FOODGASM for sure. Like i forgot it was raw, that’s how good it was.

I’m dying even just thinking about it. SO delicious. Great sizes, great service. Overall, A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  And for dessert, we got the cinnamon bun and the lemon bar. MY MOUTH IS WATERING RIGHT NOW. Words cannot express the deliciousness of this food.


DSC00439 DSC00441 DSC00445 DSC00446 DSC00447 DSC00449


Then after lunch, we went around to the vendors and checked out the stuff. Super cool stuff like signs that said “Fuck Your Fears” and stuff, but kinda (really) expensive lol. Then we ran into some cool surfer dudes who were selling towel bags and these cool penny boards that were made out of recycled fish nets! How cool! Remember all you vegan folk out there (are you out there? #NoOneReadsThisBlog), being vegan isn’t just for ethical or health reasons, but sometimes, environmental reasons too! 

We support these guys and their creativity, motivation, and passion for helping the environment! YAY them! They even tried to teach Olie how to ride one of the boards, but then she fell lolllllll #lameeee. Super cool guys, doing super cool things! Check out their stuff! for the bag towels and for the skateboards. You can also follow them on insta (they followed us #hollla). If you guys are reading this, thanks for checking out our blog! If not, then thanks for pretending like you were going to check out our blog! Always appreciated #NotBitter #JustKidding #thanks

DSC00459 DSC00462 DSC00473 DSC00480


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