ThatVeganLifeDoe Merchandise/ THANKS ALLIE!!!!

Ok, so Bella and i have been meaning to get a start on the ThatVeganLifeDoe Merchandising but one my fabulous best friends beat us to it!!! (That weenie….JK seriously obssesed with her gift)

For our birthday she was the sweetest gal in the world and custom made my sister and I ThatVeganLifeDoe canvas bags!!! Can anyone say “in love”??? (Lol tho, seriously can you? Because if you can’t, you might possibly have 99 problems and I kinda feel like a bitch aint one) 

Anyway, if any of you loyal followers (Shoutout to my grandma and my best friend’s mom!) are interested in ThatVeganLifeDoe merchandise, comment below! I mean, its always about the spreading the vegan love, but sometime it’s about makin a livin. Gotta make it rain boyz. 

Anyway, thanks Allie (Alisicone) Conn. You DA BOMB. 

-2 -1


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