Vegan gift idea/ Thanks Christina!

So, I honestly have the best friends in the world and I thought you should know. If ya think your friends are better, think again fellas! Do your friends buy you an entire box of twelve customized vegan red velvet sprinkles cupcakes for your birthday??? Huh? What’s that you say? NO?!? Yeah, thas what I thought.

Anyway that’s beside the point. My friend Xtina sent us a box of vegan sprinkles cupcakes to our dorm and it was the sweetest thing ever (Pun intended aight). We ate a bunch then ventured onto other floors and delivered them to people like girl scouts (minus the thin mints, the pig tails, and the cute factor, ya know?) We were just a couple of awkward 19 yr olds creepily offering people cupcakes. But I mean, when are we not being creepy? 

For those of you who don’t know about Sprinkles, they are a bomb cupcake place that sells vegan red velvet cupcakes (Which are bomb dig) and can deliver straight to your door so they make great bday presents. And they also are really good at making you fat, just in case you need to add on a few pounds #PleaseNoteTheSarcasm

Anyway, enjoy the below photos of our cupcakes and Bella being a tad sugestive with em.  -1 -2 -3

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