Seed Kitchen-Venice, CA

So today i found myself in the magical land of Venice, CA because i got a part in a promo for an app and that was the filming location. And one does not simply go to Venice without going to Seed Kitchen.


 Venice is an awesome beachy vibey place in CA that you must check out. It’s like Malibu mixed with Brooklyn mixed with like the 70s mixed with like crazy people (ya know, if we’re talking about Venic blvd which i would avoid at all costs). But other than the blvd, Venice is awesome.

Anyways, Seed Kitchen is a great little place that has the BEST bbq tempeh burger. I’m not kidding. It’s won an award. It’s mouthwatering delicious. When you take a bite out of it, it melts in your mouth. My non-vegan friends came with me today for the shoot and were my stage moms for the day lol (Lesbian stage moms if we really feel like being progressive) and when they tried the burger, they legit fell in love. I think they put drugs in it. It’s just simply….perfect. SO DEFF COME HERE.



Me with the director and my fellow actor on the canals of Venice, Italy (lol jk, Cali)


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