Vegan at Rao’s- Los Angeles, CA

HEY GUYS!!! I’m 19! Know what that means? It means I sound one more year more legit and trustworthy even though i’m both neither legit or trustworthy! #Cool #Privileges Anyways, so we stayed with los padres the entire week because why not shower in a real shower with no shower shoes and why not sleep in a bed that could easily be mistaken for a cloud? I mean, come on now people. Anyways, they wanted to have a last supper with us (but no we couldn’t drink the wine because we’re still underage. And no we couldn’t eat the bread because it wasn’t vegan) #Getit? But the waitress was more than accommodating to us.

We got the house salad but the dressing wasn’t vegan so we just used olive oil and vinegar. I would not recommend this salad because then i would be recommending spending money on a bowl of lettuce with onions and cucumbers. Then we ordered the pasta with marinara sauce and it was good but the pasta tasted a little undercooked. For dessert, we got mango and black raspberry sorbet which was delicious because it tasted like cherry coke and the sorbet itself was super fluffy and yummy.

Anyways, this place is super popular and i heard the food is delish for the non vegans, so maybe check it out with the non vegan fam/friends. Also, i heard the one in NY was better #BeastCoastEastCoast #Biased

Also, confession: I didn’t bring my camera. Another confession: I forgot to take photos with my iPhone. Wow. I never forget to take photos of my food. Another confession: I did save myself a bit by taking a really blurry non-union picture of dessert. Does that count?



Us saying goodbye to the lil sis tonight, otherwise known as Chappie.



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