Vegan at USC Farmers Market- Los Angeles, CA

You know how in the title for these blog posts, we write the name of the place and  the dash (-) and then the location. Well, being the screenwriter i am, i legit almost just wrote “Vegan at USC Famers market- DAY”. LOL. Screenwriters out there, you feel me. Anyways, it’s been a while since we’ve posted about this Famers Market but it’s legit amazing. It’s on Mccarthey Quad every wednesday and is deff worth your time. 

MY ALL TIME FAVE is the tofu tacos. I get them every wednesday. EVERY. WEDNESDAY. SO. GOOD. Nuff said.


They also have great fruit stands (go to the once nearest to Pardee Tower. You can try a shit load of fruit for free. Also, the asian lady that works there is so nice, sometimes throws in free sweet potatoes, and just all around has the best fruit)

There is also a sorbet stand that has vegan sorbets too that’s worth checking out. All the girls think the sorbet guy is hot and like try to flirt with him. I mean, he’s like 40…so i’m just not feeling it, but he has an accent, is muscular, and has a love of sorbet! If that doesn’t scream dream guy, i don’t know what does! hahah jk my dream guy screams hot, italian, and covered in vegan cheese. Pizza.

Anyways, there is a new stand this semester that sells AMAZING vegan granola. I swear, amazing. It’s soft but kinda crunchy and full of flavor. They have maple, apple/cinnamon, chocolate, peanut butter, etc. SO GOOD. You have to check it out. Also, my friend told me they also sell cinnamon buns, which i didnt know SO I AM DEFF GETTING SOME NEXT WEEK! NO ONE CAN STOP ME!


Also, a new vegan bread stand was added this semester. Cool! I didn’t buy any because what would i do with random loaves of bread other than put them on top of my head and run around campus naked, so i just took a pic, tried a free sample, and went back to the taco stand to get my tacos! (Did any of you folks out there picture me running naked around campus balancing bread on my head? Yes? hahaha that’s hilarious)


Anyways, come check it outtttt

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