Vegan at Fonuts- Los Angeles, CA

FONUTS. No, not “fucking donuts” but rather “faux donuts”. On the website, they are described to be “donuts that are baked/steamed, never fried”.



Well, we got there kind of late so most of the vegan donuts ran out, but there was one flavor left: Chocolate Coconut! It was delicious and super soft and moist. I apologize to all the people who hate the word “moist”. Anyway, the little place was really cute, cozy, and old timey and the lady that worked there was super nice and gave us an extra broken up donut for free that she was going to throw out. Anyways, check this place out for some good fucking donuts. I mean… good faux donuts 😉



Enjoy this lovely photo of Olie after i told her to wipe her forehead because it was shiny, hence the frown


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