Vegan challah

Yep you heard that right: vegan challah (unless you heard it like Cha-la. Because it’s actually pronounced Ha-la. No not like holllaaaa, but kind of like that). For all my Jewish fans out there, this does indeed exist and boy it is delicious. A girl on my hall named Nicole invited me to make challah with her as part of Hillel, a Jewish community at USC, and every Thursday they make challah! How yummy! Anyways, without the egg wash, challah can be vegan #huzzah! Does anybody else not like the word “egg wash”? I just picture myself using a loofa to bathe myself in egg yolks. Ok. OK. Sorry for the visuals everyone.  DSC00072 So My friend Kristen and I trekked to Hillel (not much of a trek but we’re college kids so anything that’s not remotely two minutes away is definitely a trek) to support the Jewish community and make challah. There were all different types of challah we could make, but I chose cinnamon sugar because I myself am a little spicy and a little sweet #callme 

It’s actually really simple to make! Nicole made the dough with the special flour, water, and yeast, and all we had to do was separate the dough in two, make them into two thin slabs, sprinkle cinnamon sugar on them, roll them up so the cinnamon sugar was enclosed in each slab, ensuring yummy goodness, and take both rolled up slabs and tie them in a cute little knot. Then it just looked like a cute little bun. (Did anyone else love Debbie Reynold’s jokes about the Princess Leia buns during her SAG Lifetime achievement award acceptance speech? She is adorable. I want to be that cute when I’m her age). Then we sprinkled extra cinnamon sugar on top for DOUBLE the extra deliciousness and baked them for 15 minutes! DSC00070DSC00073DSC00074 DSC00075

 Ok, so all was going well with the challah endeavor until we were told that the bread would be delivered to our door later that evening so we left to get dinner. But because of complications, THE CHALLAH NEVER CAME. Dun, Dun, DUN. We actually didn’t get the bread until today ….so…. long story short, we were in challah withdrawal the entire weekend and it haunted our dreams and nightmares.

I do have to admit, over the weekend, my friends and I hit a low as we tried to come up with plans to break into Hillel to steal our beloved challah, but then we realized that it would be insanely disrespectful and also illegal. We were also kidding. #NoHardFeelings Anyways, we finally got our paws on this bread and it was even better than I could have imagined it to be. It tasted like a healthier version of monkey bread and it was amazing. Hillel, you will definitely see me again 😉 DSC00088


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