Vegan at Coolhaus- Culver City, LA (CA)

So my fellow folk, did you know that sponteneity is the key to life? Not love, not money, not success- pure spontaneity. It’s the moments we least expect that we remember forever. It’s the things we never saw coming that hit us like a bus and change our lives in ways we never dreamed. It’s getting Coolhaus ice cream cookie sandwich delivered to your dorm room on a whim. 

Yup. Vegan ice cream cookie sandwiches delievered to ma dorm room. Now THAT is what life is all about. $5 delivery. Feeling on top of the motherfuckin world #ComeAtMe

Their vegan option today was a soft, moist ginger snap cookie with a delicious chocolate sorbet. It came packed with ice which was so considerate of them! (So ya know, we wouldn’t be eating chocolate soup by the time it came)

I loved it! Bella said she liked it but it was a little too “decadent”. Well I’m sorry Bella, the world does not exist to serve you on a silver platter, now does it? Unless you are the lemur from Madagascar, don’t be expectin no nuts on a silver platter, aight? 

Anyway, if you don’t have a life and probably have seven stomachs like a cow, I recommend getting Coolhaus delivered right to your dorm. It’s the little things folk. 

DSC00086 DSC00087


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