Vegan at Disneyland and California Adventure- Anaheim, CA

So everyone, what do you do if you have no life and a Monday off of school…welll, duh GO TO DISNEYLAND!!! I mean, why not spend the day riding rides that scare the living shit out of you (Tower of legitimate Terror) and eating delicious food that will go straight to your thighs? Sounds like a blast to me!

So our first stop of the day (Which was kind of our sole reason for even coming to Disney #lezbehonest) was…

1) Dole Pinapple Whip (Disneyland)- This is literally a place that sells pinapple soft serve and soft serve floats made with pinapple juice that taste like heaven on earth. It is SO good, we literally call it “soul whip” because it is necesary for the soul. If it were my choice, I think I would have dole whip pumping through my veins instead of blood. 


2) Lucky Fortune Cookery (California Adventure)- Okay, this was the second reason why we all came to disney. This chinese place is BOMB. We get these little rice bowls with tofu, veggies, and teriyaki sauces and omigosh it is orgasmic #uncomfortablemuch? #orgasm 

***and then we also get these vegan fried chips covered in magic (cinnomen sugar and probably cocaine…I mean, my hand would literally not stop going into that bag) called “Crispitos” at the Mexican place right next to the chinese place. We call them “crispy toes” because it just sounds more appetizing, ya feel? 

-2 -10 -5

3) Starbucks (California adventure)- C’mon guys. You know this extremely white girl trip would not be complete without a frappachino. So yes, all you coffee adicts and basic bitchez have nothing to worry about, Disney has yo back! Bella got a soy caramel frap and I got an iced vanilla latte. Bella also got a snack box with a pb&j uncrustables, carrots, and apples. For those of you who don’t know what uncrustables are, one: where was your childhood? 2) They are basically heavenly pillows of peanut butter and jelly

-11 -12

4) Cozy Cone Motel (California Adventure)- GUYZ GUYZ GUYZ GUYZ (or GIRLZ, I mean I aint sexist or nothin) I literally just found the love of my life and it is in Cars Land and I swear it was love at first bite. Get this: A soft bread cone with vegitarean chili and fritos! YUP! If you get the chili cone and specify vegitarean chili sans cheese you will get to eat this amazing piece of treasure. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT (Unless you like get really self-conscious about calories and stuff… i.e. are female) 

Also, the lady at the register like insisted Bella take this free pomegrante lemonade on the house. She was def trying to be nice, but it was so random, Bella was def convinced she was being poisoned (Hence the beautiful face she’s making in the following photo) At least it was tasty doe!

-3 -4

5) Snack shop- Just get the  vanilla and chocolate creme filled cookies/oreo knockoffs. I ate like 8 in one sitting and this is why I’m single. 


So yeah, this was our Magical Monday and I hope you can have just as magical a monday at Disney as we did! Maybe this time you’ll get to see Olaf who was supposedly “in an ice bath” when we came and unfortunetely “coundn’t make it”. Bet you that diva dickwad was sleeping in. 

-7 -9 -6 -8


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