Vegan at Craigs- Los Angeles, CA

So Craigs is like really popular in Los Angeles because not only is da food AMAZEBALLS (probably shouldn’t be using the word balls when trying to describe something as appetizing), but also because celebrities go there on a daily (if you’re into that Hollywood scene, i guess that’s pretty cool. But if you’re into that Hollywood scene, then it makes me doubt that you’re cool…#awkward #HollywoodIsMainstream). There is always one paparazzi waiting outside the restaurant who always gets disappointed and lowers his camera when you walk out of the car, just to remind you how unimportant and un-special you are! YAY! But who da fuck cares because i came for the food not the brownie points! (although brownies are always welcome). 

Anyways, we met our parents and some of their really nice friends for dinner (Um eating with parents means free food and who doesn’t love free food?!). One of the guests was even vegetarian. How cool is that? Anyways, the twinzie and I were starving after a 4 hour long class (1 and half hours of lecture, then 2 hours of a foreign black and white movie, and then 1 hour of discussion in a basement) and let me tell you, that class was probably the worst class i have EVER taken in my entire existence. It’s called International Cinema. It will be the death of me. And it’s required. #NOPE #NOPE #NOPE #NOPE #NOPE #NOPE #NOPE#NOPE #NOPE #NOPE#NOPE #NOPE #NOPE#NOPE #NOPE #NOPE#NOPE #NOPE #NOPE#NOPE #NOPE #NOPE#NOPE 

Anyways, the seestra (<– Orphan Black reference anyone?) and I ordered (and stuffed out faces/ate our feelings) with the vegan spaghetti Bolognese, the vegan sausage pizza, the kale salad (Without the cheese. And without goji berries because the freak me out for some reason), and for dessert we got the vegan chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream (FAVE) and the ginger snap ice cream.

EVERYTHING WAS AMAZING. This place has A+ food and service. Our waiter was like really happy and like confident and I had a strong feeling he was getting laid that night #justsayin Anyways, please come check this place out. They make it socially acceptable to go out with vegans by having vegan options on their menu, and vegan options so good that they don’t even taste vegan. One of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles. CHECK IT OUT!!!!

DSC00056DSC00059DSC00058DSC00062DSC00064 Mi hermana, my madre, y yo (why did i write that in spanish? #IMean #IAmPuertoRican) Enjoy this picture and our shiny foreheads #ShinyForeheadCrew DSC00060


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