Real Food Daily (To go)- West Hollywood, LA (CA)

So, it was the first day back in the dorms (*jail*) and to ease the transition (*crying*) me and some of my closest homies (Shoutout to Ali, Sara, and Will for literally keeping me sane during this kinda stressful transition back to dorm life *crying again*) decided to have a Golden Globes partay and dine on take out from Real Food Daily!!!

Real Food Daily is an all-vegan cafe with mutiple locations including LAX! HOLLA!!! Specifically their breakfast and desserts are great but the dinner is pretty okay too 

I had the glow juice minus the parsley (Like who da fu puts parsley in their drinks???) and it was really refreshing and healthy tasting! We also had the not-chos which were great as always.

Then I had the club sandiwch which was good, but like kinda messy and overwhelming because it had three peices of bread in it (Like who da fuuuu puts three peies of bread in a sandwich??? Aliens, that’s who). Will had the kung pao vegetables over rice which he actually really liked and Ali got the wrap version of the club which she liked, Bella got the burger with the works she said was “really good” in a slighly monotone and tired voice, but I believed her. 

Then we celebrated Patricia Arquette’s Golden Globe win and Jake Gyllenhal’s hotness with a shitload of desserts #easingthetransition 

So there ya have it! Real Food Daily is a solid restuarant and the Golden Globes were a little underwheleming and moving back into my dorm is a little overwhelming. 

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