Vegan at Spring Street Natural- Spring Street, NYC

So this place is so incredible, it blows my freekin mind. It has a very chillax NY vibe and it’s great to bring all your friends there! (That is….if you have friends. If you don’t then well, um…I’m sorry?) They have gluten free options and vegan options and everything is marked on the menu!

#1. Drink- Um okay, their coffee here is like BOMB. If you are addicted to delicious tasting coffee (Like moi) please try their iced coffee or lattes. I literally took one sip of the iced coffee and had to sit there in silence for a bit just to center myself after experiencing a slice of heaven. 

#2. Appetizer- Their spring rolls and french fries are also BOMB. Get em. Everyone who gets them loves them so if ya dont I guess ur like hispter or something, but since hipster is mainstream ur just kinda basic and also ur taste buds are lying to you. They are so goooood!

#3. Main course- So many great options. The malaysian braised tofu and noodles are delicious, but if you are in the mood to not splurge on carbs (Weird, I’m never not in the mood to eat carbs) or looking for something lighter, I would opt for the stir fried veggies over rice or the salads which are, yes you guessed it, BOMB. Bella got the asian salad minus a few things with tofu and I got the kale salad minus the cheese with tofu added too! So good! The tofu has a great texture! 


Also, we (The sis and my fergalicious roomate Ali) went to the MOMA and saw a cow wallpaper thing and thought we’d take a pic in front of it, because, you know, us vegans like cows and stuff. Live ones of course, geeez. 


-18 -15 -17 -16 5679

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