Vegan at M Cafe- Los Angeles, CA

We’re BACKKKKKKKK! (<— Isn’t that a quote from a scary movie?) Anyways, we’re back in LaLa Land! Your fave twins are back! (We are your favorite twins right? RIGHT!?) So we thought we would hit up one of out fave places, M Cafe for lunch. And let me tell you all something, whattttta let down. You know when you go to a restaurant that you know is good but order all the wrong things? No? Well, that’s what happened. And that, my friends, is not okay. The soba noodles and kale with peanut sauce are amazing at M Cafe, but we thought we would be adventurous and try new things and man did that backfire. Lesson learned: Never try new things and always stay in your comfort zone #lolJK #BadAdviceFromThatVeganLifeDoe

Anyways, Olie loved her breakfast sandwich….so A+? But i got the french toast and not only was it mediocre in general but it had….dun dun dun…. RAISINS in it. YUCK MAN. NO. I was like “Ooo chocolate chips!” and then i looked closer and was like “Oh….no”. When i find raisins in my food, it makes me want to run away from home and hide in a hole for the rest of eternity. (<— as you can tell, i am not a raisin fan).

Ali and Sara got the teriyaki (<— thank you spell check) tofu salad and it was NOT teriyaki at all (very misleading). It was like one of those salads they give you at asian restaurants that come on the side of a main course. Quoted by my friend “It was good, but just very disappointing”. We also got a cinnamon bun, which i actually liked. Olie likes cinnamon buns a lot too. One time i heard her say, “Do you ever get that feeling of wanting to  be in the middle of a cinnamon bun?” Um no, but that sounds quite nice.

We also got a chocolate cake, which compared to Urth Cafe cake, it was like good, but not that great (The one at Urth (Donald) trumps all). Olie loved her beet lemonade drink (she loves beets, i hate em. That’s the only thing that makes us different. Other than that we are legit the same people #LolJK #BeingIronic #ButtHurtAboutBeingATwin). I got the the cappuccino and it was like whatever. So there you have it folks. M Cafe can be really good if you’re ordering the right stuff or REALLY mediocre if you order the wrong stuff. K bye. DSC00034 DSC00039 DSC00035DSC00041DSC00042DSC00036Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 10.34.20 PM On a side note, please let me introduce to you, the next big thing: A girl band called “Fireside Chai”. This is their album cover for their newest album called “Sun’s a Bitch” with their hit single “Ugly People Care”. Check them out on iTunes (LOL JK! WE MADE THIS BAND UP!!!!) DSC00032

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