Pure Food and Wine- New York City, NY

SOOOO this place is so freakin good that we camped out in our car for 40 mins just to wait for it to open at 5:30 for dinner (it’s that good andddd we also ran out of things to do so chilling in a car for a bit was actually kind of nice. We legit did everything today from MOMA to Soho to the High Line to Juice Press ). So Pure Food and Wine is a pretty fancy (but not too fancy, just more upscale) restaurant that has AMAZING food (but it’s really expensive….so get stuff to share :0 ).

This restaurant changes its menu seasonally so you know everything is super fresh and delicious.   To start, we got the cheese plate, which Olie convinced us would be amazing, and not gonna lie, it twas amazin and really fun to eat #PointsForGryffindor It came with 3 different cheese, figs, crackers, and a mini salad but was perfect to share with three people and the cheese legit tasted like real cheese. It was called Dr. Cow’s cheese and when i asked the waiter who Dr. Cow was, he had no answer. Olie, Ali, and I were all convinced that Dr. Cow was a legit cow and secretly ran the restaurant. For our entree, we got the sweet corn polenta and the tamales. I LOVED the polenta and Ali and Olie loved the tamales. 

BUT…. BEST PART WAS DESSERT. Get the mint chip sundae and the peanut butter cheesecake because it is legit heaven on a plate. SO AMAZING. I can’t wait to have dreams about it tonight and day dreams about it tomorrow #ImNotKidding. (Also, we bought new cameras today so we could take better pictures for the blog because we care deeply about all our ThatVeganLifeDoe fans enough to want to impress them on a daily #JKNoOneReadsThisBlog but i took some really high deff pictures of the dessert today but IM SO SMART THAT I FORGOT MY MEMORY CARD SO THE PICTURES ARE LOST FORVEVER #SoSorry. Actually, it’s probably at that place in Halloween Town where everything lost goes)

We legit had to scarf (lol scarf Get it? Cause it’s winter) our desserts down because we were gonna go see Book of Mormon in 10 mins (Such a funny show, y’all should go see it), but hey, there are worse things in life than having to scarf down delicious desserts 😉



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