Vegan at Juice Press- Greenwich, CT

So Juice Press is allll ova NYC but now there is one on Greenwich Ave (as if Greenwich Ave couldn’t get any more hipper. I mean Lorde and Taylor Swift shop there #NameDropping #ImCoolRight?) Anyway, we went with our sweet potato Becca and checked it out! Since it is new, you can try some of the juices and foods (Is “foods” a word?). The interior was kinda sketchy and a little too nyc for greenwich, but ya know what, change is good, even if it doesn’t seem that way at first #LifeLessonsFromThatVeganLifeDoe .

Anyways, Juice Press is one of those hip healthy raw food places and they have food and juices and smoothies. The watermelon juice and the Glo juice are our faves. Olie said the drinks are better than the food but i like the food too. Becca got the Hawaiian Healer smoothie and i think liked it and Olie and I got the ‘Harvey Wallenburger with the works’ (or whatever the fuck it was called #WhoDaFUisHarveyWallbanger). It was like an iced coffee smoothie frap thing. I really liked it! Olie drank it and was all diva-ish and was like, “Deff not a smoothie person”. Like K. Wasn’t a smoothie but alright.

Anyways, check it out ma friends



Babies don’t need cows milk (<— why is this font red?)unnamed

Nice melons


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