Vegan picnic ideas

So yes, when you get tired of always going out to eat with friends, sometimes you just wanna eat in and sometimes you wanna do it on the floor with a bunch of friends with a bunch of high carb foods. Sometimes ya just wanna picnic indoors, ya feel? 

So our friends are all going to college soon *crying emoji* and we thought it would be cute to just hang at one of our houses and be spontaneous with a picnic. It seems cheesy but it’s really fun! Just set up a blanket, play somes tunes, and chillax! It adds some spontaneity to your everyday life and makes for cute instas if you’re into that documenting-every-second-of-your-life life (U fame whore #jk #kinda?) 

Anyway, we had a huge bowl of bagels and a bunch of different spreads like tofutti, hummus, avocado, and even sauce and cheese to make mini pizzas! Fun fact: I know it sounds weird, but if you sprinkle brown sugar on top of the tofutti spread it is delicious!!! (Try it bitches)

We also had chia pudding and chips, popcorn, and fruit. Even some sparkling apple cider  because we’re so fancy, you don’t even know….

Then it snowed and we frolicked in the snow and turned into snow bunnies in a magical winter wonderland. Try it! Maybe your evening will end just as spectacular as ours did. Or not. I mean, I woke up like this. 

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