Vegan at Andy’s Pure Food- Rye, NY

HEYYYY guys so this place is legit one of my FAVE places ever. I used to go here for lunch everyday during senior year and ohhhh man it’s good to be back. This place is an all vegan cafe type thing that looks like one of those places you would just not give a chance (it looks like a giant salad bar), but GIVE IT A CHANCE because it’s AMAZING. Lol is Andys a metaphor for my life? #Jk #ButGiveMeaChance #Please #ImLonley

I usually get a small (who am i kidding? BIG) container and fill it up with amazing goodness. It’s all REALLLLY healthy and natural and surprisingly SO delicious. It’s like gourmet healthy food and i have no idea how they do it (Love. They deff use love) . I usually get the kale, the big beans with the sauce, the lentils, the sweet potaoe, the tofu, bfsjhdgfjkd so much i can’t even name it all. They also make their own soups, juices, wraps, kale chips, treats, and chia pudding.You just have to come and give it a chance. I swear you will not regret it.  

Today was the first time i had gone there since senior year of high school and the guy who works there told me he missed me :)))))) Made my day 🙂 Gotta love Andys!

P.S. The photo looks gross but i swear it’s uhhhh-mazin



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