Vegan at Butcher’s Daughter- New York City, NY

Soo I absolutely love the name of this restaurant because it’s adorable. Anyways, this place is an all vegetarian (mostly all vegan place-everything looks vegan, but ask to make sure because some of the buns weren’t). It’s one of those places that is deff insta famous. But when we went there, we realized it’s not much of a sit down place. The setup is kinda weird. There’s 1 table and then a million bar seats or window seats. We came with 5 people so not ideal. It’s more for like eating alone or like bringing a friend. So we kinda just sat at the bar cause the table was taken, but like one of my friends was so off the radar that she was basically eating alone (Don’t worry, we checked up on her every now and then #lol).

Anyways, we got the avocado bites, which are deff insta worthy but kinda overrated. The toast bites weren’t toasted enough and the avocado tasted more like guacamole. Olie and my little sister got the potato skins (my little sister loved them and Olie isn’t a fan of potatoes that much #WhyDidSheOrderThatThen? #Confused but she loved the toppings). I got the burger (with diff bread cause the bun wasn’t vegan) and i LOVED it. So yummy.

But warning this place is SO expensive. Also, it took us like an hour to split the check because apparently with five people they get a 20% tip but like we asked for separate checks and they made it really confusing and complicated just so they could get the 20% tip Also, when we fricken figured out the tip after like 5 hours #exaggeration #butnotreally, they gave me my credit card in a mini  bucket. T I wish everything either came mini, in a bucket, or both because that would be amazing. The bucket made up for the tip confusion just a little bit (but not really #Annoyed)

Like this place was good, but i wouldn’t come back. The table seating was ridiculous, the prices were so high, the service was super weird regarding the splitting checks and tip, and the food was good but i’ve had better. So that’s just my review, but i’ve heard a lot of people really like this place. Maybe they have better breakfast. Idkkk braaaa. My friend Cristina who we met in the city loved it though and said she would deff come back so maybe i’m just a diva. IDK brah.



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