Lucky Duck- Chelsea Market, NYC

So, for anyone strolling along in the West Village or craving some really delicious ice cream/cookies I would deff stop in Chelsea Market. Yeah, I know it can be a little crowded and touristy but I mean, lets not lie to ourselves, there is a little tourist in all of us. Even the best of us. 

So anyone, if you journey through the dephs of the market, you can find yourself upon the cutest litttle all vegan shop called Lucky Duck (I’m a lucky duck! Jk, totes the ugly duckling) and they have juices and delicious cookies and now ice cream!!! So the twin, the lil sis and our bestie Je’lyn (Shoutout to her because she’s legit the only human on the planet to read this blog. Oh yeah and her mom! Hi Mrs. Brown!) were staying in the city for the weekend and got two half pints to store in the freezer for our late night movie nights! (Catching Fire anyone?) 

We got oreo and mint chip which were both DELICIOUS!!! The oreo has no oreos in it which is kinda sketch considering oreos are vegan but it like taste like oreos in a really yummy way. Ya like, gotta try it. And the mint chip was just, ugh-mazing. The cookies of course are bomb too. Ya just gotta go. 

-5 -3

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