Vegan Christmas Gift Idea

Guess what!?!?! Its Christmassssss!!!! hahahah jk christmas was yesterday but who says you can’t celebrate the birth of Jesus ERRRRRYDAY!!!! (Non-christian people that’s who #awks) 

Anyway, our good family friends Becca, Brian, and Julie (And their dog Hero) bought Bella and the lil sis and I vegan christmas gifts!

It was such a cute idea. They have us a Christmas mug with candy canes and vegan cookies and breakfast bars and then gift cards to my three FAVE PLACES!!! 1. Starbucks (Because I’m a basic bitch) 2. Whole Foods (Because  what’s not to love about that place) and 3. Subway (Because its friggen subway) 

Anyway, there you go. If you were struggling to find a vegan gift for your weird vegan relative, here ya go!

-1 -2


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