Vegan at Oil Nut Bay- Virgin Gorda (BVI)

SOOOOOOOOO Virgin Gorda is another cute little island, when every year we go, we always have an AMAZING lunch. Also, isn’t the name virgin gorda just hilarious!? I mean, it basically sums up my life.

Anyway, we went to the really cool, tropical, island restaurant called Oil Nut Bay (i think it was part of a resort or hotel) and to get to the restaurant, we had to take a little boat there (the guy driving the boat looked like Barty Crouch Jr from Harry Potter #justsayin) and then we got driven in these really cool (and insta worthy if you’re like Kylie Jenner or some shizzzz) ATV/John Deer type truck-car things. Also, everybody that worked at this resort was either a local or from like Michigan or something so….yay america!

Anyways, the restaurant was super beachy (legit right on the beach) and right next to our table was a beach/pool bar that was DEFF insta worthy too. So for lunch we ordered the “Island Water” which is a virgin drink (for the virgin gorda in me) and is a mix of pineapple, watermelon, and passionfruit juice. I mean, that sounds like a dream. Also, the drink was totally isntagrammable #IfYouDidntInstagramIt #DidItReallyHappen?

For a starter, we got the “Simple Fresh Salad” which was not simple but rather delicious! The dressing was so on point. Me and my sisters literally licked the plate clean. Except my little sister ate my cherry tomatoes because i’m not about that cherry tomato life. For the main course, GUESS WHAT!? THEY HAD PIZZA WITH VEGAN CHEESE!!!! So we got a customized pizza with vegan cheese, pineapple, and caramelized onions and it was divine. Also, to share, Olie and I got the portabello sandwich without the cheese. It was good, but kinda un-rememberable. Also, it came with fries that were uh-mazin. So there you have it! If you find yourself as a virgin gorda in virgin gorda, check this place out!

Also, even though we weren’t staying at that hotel, they still let us swim in the pool and chill on the beach #thanks!

P.S. Just a reminder: When in the Carribean and you ask for something vegan or to be made vegan, even if if they pretend they know what you’re talking about, always specify “no dairy, eggs, or meat” with each order depending what it is. Just in case y’all.




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