Vegan at Le Petit Deauville- St. Barths

So, just so you get some background history to this gelato trilogy/epic , the twinzy Bella and my little sissy Leila and I have taken a few trips to St. Barths with our family for the holidays but everytime we go, we ALWAYS visit this gelato man at this adorable little gelato shop right off the pier where the boats dock. (Leila like wanted to marry him when she was like 7….ewwwww?)  

Anyway, the guy who runs it is this older french man who’s always cranky (No joke, we walked in on him flipping a shit on some person in the street) but it doesn’t even matter because his gelato is BOMB diggity and guess what, some of it is vegan!!!!!! When I found out, I cried a little. Not gonna lie. 

Anyway, the gelato itself isn’t vegan but the sorbet is and along with the fruity flavors, he has chocolate sorbet and it is BOMB. No joke, the best choco sorbet I’ve ever had in my living existence. 

If you ever find yourself roaming about the island of St. Barths, please visit. And if you speak french, please do because he was super sassy to us until we brought our french speaking friend Ella to order our gelato in french and then he was our bestie! #bffsforever<3

Anyway I’m going to post a before AND after photo. One from 3 years ago and one from this year so don’t be alarmed by my insanly fat face in da first photo. I hit my growth spurt hard that year . Like real hard. Like gained 30 pounds hard. Like I look back at photos and cry hard. Anyway, YUP





IMG_9577 IMG_9574 IMG_9576


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