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Hey guyssss i know it’s been a long time since we’ve posted (i know you guys are all secretly crying about it), well no need to be salty or butt-hurt about it anymore cause guess what!? We’re back! And we are better than EVER . The sis and I just came back from an AMAZING boat trip in the Carribean where we ate our hearts out and feasted on way too much vegan amazingness (and probably gained a gazillion pounds because there are no diets on vacation . Honestly, I don’t trust people who have diets on vacations. But that could be because i have trust issues #justkidding #butseriously #BoycottDietsOnVacation)

Anyways, the crew of the boat was super sweet enough to take this photo with us, so enjoy! Also one of the crew members might even become vegan because of us! (jk his twin sister is vegan but ya know what!? ThatVeganLifeDoe deff inspired him more). Anyways, enjoy the lovely pic of us with these lovely lads. Miss em already 

Follow @ThatVeganLifeDoe on instagram (ya won’t regret it. Or will you? Do you regret a lot of things? Maybe you should see somebody for that…#ButtHurt)




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