Vegan at Frogs Frozen Yogurt- Los Angeles, CA

SOOOOOOO FINALS ARE COMING UP SHFDSJHGFDJHGFSAYGFJAKSGFJHSAGFAKJHFGajshgfdjasd And to de-stress, my frandddds and I ordered froyo from Frogs via Postmates (took a super long time but deffff worth it…I mean, who doesn’t want froyo hand delivered to them?!) and watched Americas Next Top Model….because there are boys this season. Duhhhhhhhh. So olie and i ordered the vegan peanut butter froyo (which was amazeballs) with carob chips, almonds, sprinkles, and cherries. YUMMM! My friend ordered a nonvegan flavor and it came kinda melted but the vegan froyo stayed perfectly chilled #VegansForTheWin #VegansAreChillLikeTheirFroyo SO CHECK IT OUT YALLLLLLL, especially during finals week where the amount of laziness and anxiety i have at the same time is insane. Like procrastination x 100 and anxiety x 1000. K bye. Wish me luck. Also, if you have finals, may the force be with you. P.S. the spoons change color with temperature #cool! unnamed-1 unnamed-2


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