Vegan Thanksgiving Ideas

HAPPY TOFURKY DAY!!!!! Not that I really support the reason for this holiday (Like #no columus, you aint a boss) or the idea of slaughtering millions of turkeys solely because of a stupid tradition, there is a way to enjoy your meal and stay true to your vegan lifestyle!

So, for din din we had Tofurky (Which is basically fake turkey) and it comes with gravy and a chocolate brownie and it was sooooo yummy!! Then we had mashed sweet potato, corn & peas, green beans and mushrooms, vegan stuffing (Regular stuffing without meat) and vegan cornbread! It was so delicious!!! (Even though I def was preggo with like quadruple food babies afterwards) 

And for dessert we had 4 pies! A chocolate almond peanut butter pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and a raw strawberry chocolate pie. Both chocolate pies were homemade but the apple and pumpkin were bought at whole foods I think!

Anyway, yes, vegans can still enjoy turkey day without having to lay a finger on a turkey #goalz and thanks James and Paula for a delicious meal! Alsooooo thanks to all of our zero followers for reading this blog!

We love you all, even though you aren’t there!!! PS. HOW ADORABLE IS MY GRANDMA WITH HER LITTLE BUN!? 

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