M Cafe- Melrose, LA (CA)

Okay, so after my shitty Thursday (Don’t ask why. it just was for some shitty reason), this Friday morning brunch with our friend Tess was literally AMAZING! Exactly what I needed to clear the mid-week blues. So the three of us New Yorkers ventured out to M Cafe and literally had such a bomb brunch it was mind blowing. I def reccommend. 

M cafe is a mostly vegan restaurant (They have fish and I think thats the only thing that isn’t vegan. Weird, I know right?) and they have pastries and lemonades out and a menu where you can order salads and burgers and fries and smoothies and things like that! It has a really chill vibe and everything there is literally perfection. (And I was there…so does that mean I’m perfect? 🙊) 

Anyway, Tess got the green lemonade (I think it was lemonade with kale) which she liked and I got the beet lemonade (Lemonade with beet juice) which I lovvveeed! Super refreshing and tasty.

The three of us got the soba noodles and spicy peanut kale (Which isn’t spicy at all)  and it was heaven on a plate. Then we were all like YOLO these desserts look as good as Zac Efron shirtless so we must get at least ten.

So I got this puff pastry filled with cream, chocolate, and fresh banana slices. IT WAS ORGASMIC! (<- does that make you uncomfy? #orgasm) Bella got a chocolate crossiant which she said was dreams on a plate (okay I may have paraphrased) and Tess even said it tasted like a real croissant! Holllllla! And we also got a cinnomen bun and chocolate coconut donut which were yummmmy too!

Overall, a sucess of the highest caliber. Like it was so good, I didn’t feel self-concious about eating four dessrts at 11:00 in the morning. Like, THAT good. Yup. Peace.

PS We also got rice crispy treats to go because we are five years old

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