Vegan at Powerplant Superfood Cafe- Pico Blvd, LA (CA)

So the twinzy and i heard about this place from da instgram songsofstyle and she raved about it so we thought we’d check it out (You know, being foodies and all)!

It was a really cute, small restaurant and all the staff was incredibly friendly but it was kinda in a sketchy neighborhood and sometimes the service was slow. 

Bella and I got boxed water because, well, it’s boxed and it looks  cool. Like, look at me! I’m so pretentious, I only drink boxed water! 

Then we (Olie, Bella, and our friend Rachel) all got the BBQ Cauliflower salad which apparently is like the BEST thing on the menu. It was yummy, we all agreed, but it wasn’t like mind blowing/I-have-to-come-back good. It was just fresh, healthy, and satisfying. 

Bella also got a PB and J which was actually quite terrible so stay away! RUN FO YA LIVES!!!

Anyway, it was a cute little place with many vegan options on the menu, but unless you live near there, idk if the trek is worth it. 

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