Vegan at Milky’s Frozen yogurt- Melrose, LA (CA)

So after our meal at Powerplant (We were also joined by my good friend and soulmate Sol) we were like, “You know…Im kinda in the mood for ice cream” and Sol was like “Milkys is only 4 minutes away” and four minutes later we were at milky’s. It was a magical journey. 

For those of you little naive vegans who don’t know the amazingness of Milky’s, Milkey’s is a frozen yogurt place with dairy and NONdairy flavors which are so amazing, you just want everything you touch to turn into froyo.

They’re dairy free original is SO BOMB. Closest to pinkberry I’ve had yet. They’re chocolate and peanut butter is also stellar. For toppings, I recommend grape nuts, almonds, sprinkles, and whatever else you can fit into the cup

(Here’s a trick. Layer. Do a bit of froyo, then some topppings and repeat so ya never run out of toppings!) 


The vegan lards of america

-12 -13


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