Cafe Gratitude- Larchmont, LA (CA)

So yes, tis the season of Sweater Weather (*cue the Neighborhood*) and we thought as a belated celebration of the intro. to cinema midterm being over, the Casper Crew (We call ourselves the Casper Crew ala Drew Casper,  not Casper the friendly ghost who kissed Hilary Duff was she was like five and gave me nightmares because of it #capsertheWAYtoofriendlyghost) would go out for a celabatory lunch! (Or brunch or linner…idk it was between lunch and dinner but some of us got breakfast and some of us got lunch…so? #mindfucked #foodception #inceptionjokes #imsobasic) 

Soooooo our friend Nicole got the mint milkshake I am Cool which she LOVED! (It is actually amazing tho so get it) and Eliza got some smoothie thing she also loved. Bella got an apple, carrot, orange juice which she liked but had weird berries on top so stay away from those berries! (Good lesson for when you’re stuck in the middle of the woods too!) and Ali and I got lattes which we were not fans of.

At one point it tasted sour I was like what THE FUCK AM I DRINKING? (I’ve learned to pretty much stay way from all of gratitude’s hot drinks because they suck balls but it’s fine because their cold ones are heaven on earth) 

Eliza and I got I am Fortified which is rice and quioa and seasonal sauted vegetables with sesame-wasabi sauce. SO BOMB! Not spicey at all, super healthy and filling and yumalicious. Def recommend. Sophia got the mexican I am Mucho which she also loved. We also got some quinia pasta bowls which were yummy and some I am Open-Hearted pancakes which are always just perfection!

LOVE GRATITUDE! Great place to bring friends for a fall outing. And if you walk just down the street, there is Babycakes and Pressed Juice so 3 in 1! YUS 

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