Vegan Halloween

YO YO YO  it’s HALLOWEEN YO! Okay, it  WASSSSS Halloween yesterday but i’m still feelin the holiday spirit. I love holidays in school because there is just an energy that goes around and everything it a lot more chill and everybody is a lot more friendly to people and it just feels like one of those days that you’re gonna be let out of school early because of a snow storm. Ahhh gotta love it. So anyways, instead of taking part in the shit show known as The Row, Olie and I, and our roommates, decided to just eat food and chill out #PartyAnimalsRightHere

So we got candy and pizza and ate until we wanted to LEGIT vomit multiple times throughout the night (i literally ran to the bathroom like 5 times) and then when i felt better, i ate more food. We all ended the night very, very ashamed of ourselves #NoLie #ButTwasFun! 

Enjoy the pics of ALL the food we ate. At Fresh and Easy the supermarket near USC they have every version of popular candy bars but vegan versions!!! SO COOL! Snickers, Reeses, Crunch, Almond Joy, Butterfinger, Milkway. LEGIT. BEST THING EVER. Also because of a pact me and my sisters made, we are only allowed to have Oreos on our bday #DontAskWhy, but we found fake oreos (FOREOS) and so we bought those #GottaLoveLoopHoles 

K BYE! Hope you had a great Halloween and also hope you still don’t have a hangover 🙂


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