Vegan at Which Wich

Okay yes, Im guilty. She’s guilty. We’re all guilty here. 

On one of our last posts we said a few things in our which wich sandwich were vegan which turns out aren’t (Aka veggie burger has egg whites in it #oops) BUT before you burn us at the stake, I just want to say that it wasn’t entirely our fault. Some other dweeb on some dumb website told us these things were vegan so HA! Not my fault. But I do apologize to my millions of vegan fans and the entire vegan community. I let you down. 

But, luckily, which wich has a whole section of their website dedicated to vegan goods so here it is!!/vegan

Because which wich is my lyfe (I have a which wich punch card which means if I’m as big of a fatass as I think I am, I will be getting a free sandwich sometime soon #chaching) I go there mutiple times a week. 

I usually get Hummus, BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, and mushrooms white bread (skinnied, lol thighs dont need the extra carbs, save that for dessert) and I make it a hotwich because I’m a hot witch


IMG_8718 IMG_8717



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