Vegan study snacks

Okay so for anyone taking the Intro. to cinema midterm either tomorrow or Wednesday knows how stressful it can be. And you know what happens when you get stressed? You stress eat…a lot.  So while studying that Paul Newman walks with his dick in Hud and that the best part of Cate Blanchett’s performance in Blue Jasmine was her genetic bone structure, the twin and I and a group of fellow cinema peeps had a study group with lottttttssss of snacks.  For starters, my best friend Je’lyn’s mom send a Halloween goody basket from the east coast filled with vegan candy that WE LOVED!!!

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Browns!!!! Your snacks were put to good use! (Stress eating- good for the mind and soul)  And then our friend Sophia was gracious enough to pick up an all vegan box of pastries from Le Pain Quitidean! YUM So while we stress eat day in and day out, our professor Dr. Drew Casper is somewhere lounging around in Italy praying for us all. Comforting. 

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