Dorm Style Cinnamon Apples

So like what happens when you’re in college and your craving apple pie but don’t really have access to it? YOU IMPROVISE. I feel like that’s the most important thing i have and will learn from college. How to improvise and bullshit your way to success. Let’s hope it works 🙂

So tonight Olie and Ali had the brilliant idea of using their sliced apples to make warm cinnamon apples. They were nifty enough to devise a plan too. They put their pre sliced apples into a microwavable bowl and sprinkled cinnamon and stevia on top. They put it in the microwave and then voilá! It legit smelled like an apple pie and was a very fun and pretty healthy snack to eat #DormLivin #CollegeLife #ThatVeganLifeDoe




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