Vegan at The Ivy- Robertson Blvd, LA (CA)

Okay, so rents were in town and decided to take us shopping!!! #yes #megusta and while we were prowling Robertson, we decided to stop for a quick, deserved bite to eat. I mean, shopping is excersise, right? 

So we went to the Ivy and there was a super long line and no seating outside but my mom spoke to the waiter in spanish (She is fluent yes. We are Puerto Rico yes. Hence the love of food, yes) and we got a table outside in like two seconds. #PUERTORICANPOWERRRR 

Anyway, The Ivy is supposed to be like the “hip” cool LA place but at this point it’s really just become a tourist spot. At one point, a tourist bus came by and started snapping photos. LOL I was like, if you knew how much of a nobody I am, you would be embarassed to have a photo of me on your phone (Unless you’re a die hard fan of ThatVeganLifeDoe. In that case, snap away!) 

Anyway, I had a really yummy grilled vegetable salad and Bella got a vegan pasta primavery which she really liked. We also started with corn torillas and guacamole which I though was delicious. Guac was a bit spicy but still good. 

And and and while waiting, we both got free strawberry lemonade. TWO VEGAN THUMBS UP FOR THE IVY!

Cute atmosphere, great food, and near a wonderful shopping location. 

-19 -10 -12 -13 -16 -21 -18


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