Vegan at Craigs- Los Angeles, CA

So Crossroads is this super amazingly yummy, completely under the radar, italian restaurant where all the hip people (including celebrities #IfYou’reIntoThatKindaThing) go to get AMAZING food. It’s not all vegan but they have a ton of delicious vegan options. When we asked the waitress why they had vegan options, she said, “Because people asked for them”. How awesome is that?!  

#R #E #S #P #E #C #T 

So Olie and I went to dinner here last night with our parents and some family friends, and everything was SO fricken amazing. We got the vegan sausage pizza (literally tastes so similar to regular pizza) and our family friend suggested we get the spaghetti squash which was literally so amazing. For starters we got the kale salad modified to be vegan and it was small, but i literally ate the entire thing in two seconds because it was so good.

But don’t worry. We STILL had room for dessert #BottomlessPitForAStomach  For dessert we got the chocolate peanut butter cheesecake and the vegan ice cream (the peanut butter cup flavor was THE BEST THING EVER and the chocolate hazelnut was good but not as good as the peanut butter cup). Also, the cheesecake was so yummy too and our family friends who weren’t that into vegan food, tried it, and liked it! YAY!

The pizza was too big for us to finish it at dinner, so we took the rest to go. But have no fear, my little vegan pumpkins, we ate the leftovers right when we got back to the hotel because #ThisIsHowWeDoIt

Ohhhh yeah, also, not only was our waitress super nice, butttt we kept seeing this one really hot waiter walking around so…ya know, if you go, look out for him 😉


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