Crossroads- Melrose Ave, LA (CA)

So, if you are anybody and know anything about anything well then I’m sure you are aware of Crossroads, only LA’s fanciest vegan restaurant eva! 

Okay, the first time we went, the service was snooty and annoying but they were pretty nice this time!

Anyway, so basically Crossroads is an all vegan restaurant on Melrose. Reservations books quickly so I would recommend booking early. It’s a little pricey not gonna lie but the food is really good! We took my (Olie) roomate Ali and our RA Candice who are both non vegan and they said they really liked it. 

So we started with sparkling grapefruit juice which was really yummy grapefruit sode from this cool, trendy brand (Look at me world, I’m hip and trendy and in with it) and Bella got a tea which came with a super cute little glass of agave. 

Then we got the calamari which was made from artichoke (Must get, super good!!!), the crab cakes which were good, the tortalini wich they really like, I don’t remember it much. We also got the sweet potato puree and truffle leek flatbreads which we all loveddddd. And we also got the scallopini parmesean which is basically chicken parm and it’s SO GOOD!

And for dessert we got the abble cobbler which was BOMB and then we got the sticky toffee pudding which we were all confused by because it was like a cake but had different spices and I was all like “This said puddding….what the fuck is this?” Like it was good, but when you order pudding and you get cake, things get very confusing, very quickly. Otherwise, yummayyyy

-6 -5 -7 -8 -9 -1 -2 -3 -4


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