Vegan at Milky’s Frozen Yogurt- Robertson Blvd, LA (CA)

So, what do you do when you’re bored on a Sunday night and have nothing better to do than spend money and get fat? Go out for frozen yogurt! But not just any frozen yogurt, Milky’s!!! Which is semi-ironic considering half of the fro-yo there is vegan…maybe it should be called Soy Milky’s!!! (Naw, in spanish that would read “I am Milky’s” and I feel that would be confusing. You feel?) 

Anyway, so this froyo place has an ENTIRE section dedicated to vegan froyo (/parve is your jewish which basically means dairy free) And they actually have quality dairy-free flavors like chocolate and peanut butter and not the mango mojito crap at other froyo places. They even label which toppings are vegan which is lovely for us paranoid vegans!

I got both chocolate and peanut butter which were both so yummy and thick…Just the way I like it 😉 hehehehehe #Ididnotjustsaythat but actually, I piled my fro-yo super high with toppings such as carob chips and cocoa crisps and grape nuts (adds the perfect crunch) and chocolate sprinkles!!! Yummmm. 

Bella and our two roomates agreed, Milky’s is AMAZEballz. 

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