Cafe Gratitude (Los Angeles, CA)

We literally post about this place every other week because we go here so often #GuiltyAsCharged but you guys wouldn’t know because nobody reads this damn blog! #Bitter … Anyways, Cafe Gratitude is an all vegan, very LA, cafe and a lot of young, hip, beautiful people come here (because what other kind of people exist in LA? #HintingThatImHipAndBeautiful #JK) but you HAVE to come here. The vibe is suppppa chill and the food is DELICIOUS. Olie and I went with our roommates for lunch today to meet up with our awesome friend Madeline (y’all should follow her on twitter and insta and check out her music because she is going to be HUGE in the music industry soon 

Anyway, we chatted and munched away happily because this place is the shit. I got the coffee milkshake and the Bountiful (it’s baked quinoa pasta….SO GOOD) and Olie got the I am Cool (Mint chocolate chip milkshake) and the Fortified (which is like veggies over quinoa and rice with a special sauce…which she LOVED). You guys HAVEEEEEEEEEEE to come here. Everything is seriously SO good. (K not everything, one or two things are completely whack and just ugh ew, but mostly everything is da bomb!) Cafe Gratitude is probably my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles, and that’s saying a lot because LA has some great food. Also our waiter was super patient and nice 🙂

K, i wish i could have put more jokes in this blog post but my joke meter is running low. So is my sleep meter. That could probably be the cause of my joke deficiency. Ok bye.


LOVE the little heart on the check ❤unnamed-3

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