Vegan at The Bigg Chill- Los Angeles, CA

VEGAN COOKIE DOUGH. Do i really have to say anything else?  (I guess i do because this is a blog….) Olie and I and our roommates hit up dis place because we wanted to mope about begin single and eat away our sorrows. Oh yeah, and this place has VEGAN COOKIE DOUGH! (Enough reason to go any place). This place always has one dairy free froyo flavor (make sure to check online or call them to see what their dairy free flavor of the day is because sometimes it’s mango and mango DOES NOT go well with cookie dough #YaFeel?)

Anyways, this froyo place has vegan cookie dough, vegan froyo, and a TON of vegan snacks. ITS SO DELISH. The actual froyo is aight, but the cookie dough is THE SHIT. I literally get it as a topping and then as a side because I’m addicted to the COOKIE DOUGH. It’s so addictive, it’s like a drug. I don’t do drugs doe because i’m above the influence #Can’tHelpThatI’mBetterThanY’all,   but if a drug was called “Cookie Dough”…i’d be very. very. tempted. (Shh kids don’t tell your parents i said that. Im a good influence i swear #um). GO CHECK IT OUT (this place, not the drugs…)! 

P.S. You know how i said mango and cookie dough don’t go well together? In a metaphorical way, I’m starting to think that I’m the mango froyo and all men in the world are the cookie dough. You know what i mean? It just…isn’t gonna happen #Spinster #CatLady #40YearOldVirgin #help #ImmaSinglelady #ButNotBeyonce #YaFeel?




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