Cafe Gratitude- Los Angeles, CA

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sometimes in college, you just gotta get off campus for a little or else you start having cabin fever, so my awesome friend Heather suggested that we all take a little trip to a little unknown place called CAFE GRATITUDE!!!!!!!!! (Fuck unknown, this place is one of the most popular cafes in Los Angeles! And if you wanna be cool, go here). It’s ALLLL vegan. And i know we’ve posted about this place a gazillionnnnn times, buttttttttttttt it’s worth all the posts in the worlddddddddddd. It’s even worth Clark Kent/Superman spinning around the earth to make time move backwards, just so i could make more posts! (Also, I’m just kinda in love with Christopher Reeve as Superman).

Anyways, you gotta check it out. This place has healthy but delicious food as well as drinks and desserts, and all the names of the foods are super cool like “peaceful” or “wonderful”. Today Olie asked the waiter what he thought of the “wonderful” and i was like “I bet it’s wonderful” and the waiter was like “HAH funny.” and then walked away. Couldn’t tell if he actually thought it was funny doe….#thatveganlifedoe

Anyways, Heather and I got the “Open-Hearted” which are the buckwheat pancakes and are DELCIOUS. Heather got hers without the cashew whip creme because she’s allergic to nuts (they take allergies SUPER seriously, so if you have allergies, have no fear, Cafe Gratitude is here! Also, i hope Superman comes….) And Olie got the “peaceful” which is basically a bagel with lox but veganized and it has seaweed and cashew cheese and avocado and it’s really good. To drink Olie got the wonderful “wonderful” which was a watermelon juice, i got the “cool” (because I’m cool…obviously) which is a mint smoothie, and Heather got a different smoothie that i can’t remember the name of.

P.S. on a hot day like today, i would suggest sitting inside rather than outside because we sat outside and literally our butts were sweating an insane amount #NotAGoodIdea #UnlessYouLikeSweatyButts #KThatSoundedWrong #Awkward

Anyway, check it outtttt. (Also check out the Superman from 1978 just to see Christopher Reeve. You won’t regret it i promise)



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